Ryan Hibbard 2023 Most Improved Player

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New High Breaks

Richard Day
Jamie Ringham
Mark Baldwin

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Level 1 Pool Bronze 65-76 Silver 76-86 Gold 87-87 Platinum 98-108

SWSC Pool Level 1PointsLevel
D Harwood108Platinum
J Burder100Platinum
J Elliott94Gold
T Elliott91Gold
Level 2 Pool Bronze 69-80-Silver 81-92 Gold 93-103 Platinum 104-115
SWSC Pool Level 2 PointsLevel
D Harwood111Platinum
J Burder94Gold
J Elliott87Silver
T Elliott77Bronze
Level 3 Pool Bronze 97-112 Silver 113-128 Gold 129-144 Platinum 145-160
SWSC Pool Level 3PointsLevel
D Harwood156Platinum
Level 4 Bronze 102-118 Silver 119-135 Gold 136-152 Platinum 153-169
SWSC Pool Level 4PointsLevel
D Harwood161Platinum

If you want to try these drills get in touch 07491147147 and lets see how good you are ? ……

Cuestars Academy Levels

The section below is interactive so feel free to click on the menu and have a look at the Cuestars Snooker Academy app/website.