I am an accredited SightRight coach and a qualified WPBSA Level 2 snooker coach for adults and children based in Swindon just off the A419 near the White Hart roundabout.

What to Expect,

1st lesson you will have an relaxed initial assessment.

You will be asked to play a few shots, during this time I will be

assessing areas below, Recording you from several angles for

feedback to yourself at the end of the assessment .

  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Bridge length 
  • Follow thru 
  • The Grip
  • Addressing the cue ball 
  • Cueing straight 
  • Cue Action
  • Movement on shot
  • Backswing
  • Timing 
  • Line of Aim
  • Stance

After the assessment I will then give you some feedback and then structure all sessions around you and how we both can achieve your goals together.

i also offer video coaching either live video coaching or recorded video coaching please ask for details.

I will travel to your referred venue if you prefer however travel expenses will have to be included in the cost.

contact me on Mobile 07491147147 and i will be happy to help,

Me receiving my qualification certificate from Stephen Feeney of SightRight

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein